29 September, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Our niece, Elizabeth turned one last month, and we went to Calhoun for her birthday party.  I worked a half day that Friday so we drove for four hours to Monroe.  We spent the night with my sister and brother in law and had a great time!  Casey, Kayla and I went shopping, and the guys played the Wii as usual.  We ate lunch at the mall after an hour or so of shopping, and got back on the road once again.  The weekend was full of driving (well, riding for me =)). Elizabeth just started walking around her birthday, and is in love with shoes!  She just stares at everyone’s shoes like t hey are the coolest things!  Wade and I got her a pair of Crocs for her birthday, and she loves them!  Leslie, Wade’s sister, sent me a picture of her rockin the Crocs!  Leslie said Elizabeth grabs her shoes and points to the door and says “out” at least twice a day. 


She is still not saying mama yet but says dada all the time.  Is dada (spelling?) easier to say and that’s why they always say it before mama?  Just curious.  Leslie had a cupcake station for all the kiddos to make their own with all sorts of colors of frosting and toppings.  They were so yummy and blew my diet out of the water!  Here are some pics from her party.


I think it took Wade almost an hour to put this thing together!  Wade is first in his class in law school, and still cannot put a toy together ha!

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Words cannot describe how much we love this little girl, and Wade and I cannot wait until we have one of our own. Even when we were 16 and 17 dating in high school, we talked about our future and the kids we would have.  All of our friends either have kids or are pregnant, and we are beyond ready!  We just pray every night that the Lord will continue to bless us!   I am at home sick today with a horrible cold, so I am off to take another Tylenol Cold & Sinus pill and drift off to Happy Land!  Hope everyone has a great week!