17 May, 2010

29 Weeks

First off I would like to apologize for not blogging in the past two weeks.  The tiredness has really gotten to me.  Overall, I am feeling pretty good except for horrible low back pain.  I have also gotten nauseous a few times.  As I am writing this, Maddox is kicking at my ribs pretty hard!  He is such an active baby, and I probably feel him 12 hours a day!  I cannot believe I will be 30 weeks pregnant on Friday!  I keep telling everyone that the time has been flying by, but they inform me that when I get around 36 weeks, it will seem as if I will never have a baby! Ha!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along:  29 weeks 3 days
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  10 pounds 
Maternity Clothes:  LOVE them!
Best Moment this week:  Feeling him move everyday is awesome!  Friday night, I actually saw his leg! That was a surreal moment!
Gender:  It’s a boy!  Maddox Wade!
Movement: yes, and it is amazing! I think he is doing flips  in there!  He is very active after I’ve been on my feet a while and then decide to sit down…he thinks it’s time to play then!   Wade loves to play music for him because my whole belly will start shaking from him “dancing”.  He loves George Strait and Rascal Flatts!    He now moves in response to me rubbing or tickling my belly, and it is so cute!
Food Craving:  apple juice, fruit, honey nut cheerios
What I miss: cold turkey sandwiches and sleeping on my stomach!
Sleep: Wish I could get more of it!   I am constantly waking up and catching myself sleeping on my back or going to potty!
What I am looking forward to:   Next Tuesday's appointment and then going every 2 weeks!  It's getting close!
Belly Button:  it’s about to pop!
Symptoms:  left hip pain, low back pain and BH contractions.  I cannot sleep without a pillow between my knees.