09 July, 2009

For Miss Ella

A few weeks ago, my cousin's wife, Nikki, was given a baby shower at Lanes Ferry Baptist Church. Jeff and Nikki are naming the baby Ella Maree Moody, and I cannot think of a more perfect name. I just LOVE the name Ella! Nikki is due around August 7 which is the same time Wade and I will be in Vegas on vacation. Hopefully, she can hold off until we get back, but I'm sure Nikki will not like the sound of that! ;) Not only are Jeff and Nikki family, but really really good friends, and we love them dearly. We cannot wait to meet Miss Ella, and I know this child will be blessed with the best parents in the world. I am getting teared up just thinking about Jeff and Nikki as parents, and hope to experience their joy one day as well. I have tons of things I should be doing right now, so here are a few pics of the shower...enjoy!

These canvas and growth chart were painted by Sarah at Bee Vine...this girl rocks I tell ya! Check her out! They match Nikki's bedding to a tee!

I thought this was the sweetest gift!

Me and Nikki...she is so beautiful pregnant!

Katie Grace and Kenslee are darling! These kiddos are 100% Gregory! lol

Aren't these darling?! I got them here...

and these here.

A table full of goodies!

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  1. Holy Cow she got a lot of great stuff!!! I love the canvas and bloomers you got her...I'm gonna have to get E some :)