21 October, 2010

3 Months

Blog 18 

Wow!  How has another month gone by in the blink of an eye?  So, what have you been up to?

  • You went to doctor a few weeks ago and weighed 12 lbs. 5 oz and were 23.5 inches long.  I am pretty sure you weigh over 13 lbs. now.  Your legs have grown a few inches in the past month alone! 
  • You are in Size 2 diapers. 
  • You wear 3-6 months shirts/onesies but 0-3 months pants.  You wear a size 2 shoe.  You have big feet like your daddy. 
  • You eat 5-6 oz. formula every 3-4 hours during the day.  You still sleep during the night.  You have been since you were 6 weeks old.  You usually go to bed around 9 pm and sleep until 7 am.  Mommy loves you for this!
  • You still love your swing and play mat.  You take most of your naps during the day in your swing.  You can sleep for hours in your swing.  You like to scoot around your play mat.  You still have not rolled over, but I think it will be any day now.
  • You have recently found your hands.  About 75% of your pictures show your hands near or in your mouth. 
  • You started laughing and talking, and it is the sweetest sound.  You become a chatterbox around 7 p.m.  We talk to you and you “talk” back! 
  • You love your daddy!  I think your favorite time of day is when daddy gets home from work and plays with you.  This is generally when you start “talking”.

Maddox, once again, this has been the best month!  We love watching you experience and learn new things.  You bring such joy to our lives, and we thank God for you every day!   We love you munchkin! :)

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  1. Awww, happy happy three months! Love the iron on shirt labels...too cute. Wish I would've done this with GG.