12 December, 2010


 ...ROLLING OVER!!!!  

What happened to my little baby?

Maddox rolled over for the first time this past Friday, December 10.  Usually, I am off on Fridays, but I chose to work so me and the hubs can go Christmas shopping afterwards.  Keep in mind, our jobs are 1 1/2 hours away from home, as is the mall.  I got a call around 4:30 from my dad (my mom babysits when I work) saying he put Maddox on his tummy for 10 seconds, and he rolled over!  

I kept denying it for the fact that I wanted to be the one who first witnessed him rolling over, but was happy my parents got to see it.  My dad was ecstatic.  He loves Maddox probably more than his own kids! Ha!  Seriously, he is crazy about him!  I fought back the tears on the way home, but he rolled over for us the next morning!  So, all is well!

It really seems like I just gave birth to him last month.  How can it be that he is already rolling over??  

Sometimes, I just want to squeeze him and hold him tight hoping the world can stand still just for a little bit.  


  1. Awe....Look at that precious boy! He is growing up and they dont stay little long. He is getting ready for Santa and his 1st Christmas, he is practicing now so he can roll to those presents! Haha

  2. Aww so cute! He is so beautiful! Love your blog! New follower!