05 June, 2009

Elizabeth Faith Williamson

Elizabeth is the first granddaughter for Wade's parents, and believe me, she is spoiled rotten (especially by me :)). After buying gifts for our 4 nephews for the past 9 years, it has been sooo much fun shopping for a little girl! Everytime I go shopping, it seems like I am buying for Elizabeth instead of me, and she's not even mine! I don't mind though! I told Wade we will be broke if we have a little girl! haha They have so many cute things for girls- bows, headbands, dresses and little cute shoes- Carey, I'm sure you can back me on this one :)! Now onto some pictures...this is Leslie and Elizabeth around Christmas when she was four months old. I can't believe she will be 1 in two months!

We kept Elizabeth overnight for Brad and Leslie while they were at a work function, and Wade and Elizabeth watched TV all night! It amazed me how still and attentive she was in front of a TV!

We just love it when she coos and laughs! It is the sweetest sound!

More recent pics...


  1. How cute is she!!! Yes, there is too much out there for little girls! Too much!
    you look good with a baby on you hip :) wink wink

  2. Okay, so I told Wade what you said, and he said we'll be sure to catch you and Phillip on Baby No. 2! I thought this was so funny, so let me know when ya'll are ready for Baby No. 2! :) Will ya'll be at the Country Club on Saturday?