09 June, 2009


I am asking everyone to please pray for my SIL, April, she is having heart surgery this morning to repair a hole in her heart. She is at Ochsner in New Orleans, and the surgery is to begin around 11 a.m. For the past couple of months, she has been having migraines and went to a neurologist who ran test after test and determined she has a blood clot on her brain. Well, after she found out she had a blood clot, another doctor came in and told her that she has a hole in her heart that didn't close after birth. Apparently, some babies are born with a hole in the upper or lower septum of the heart that eventually closes after birth, and they lead a normal and productive life. The doctors are still not clear as to why April hasn't shown symptoms of this before; but only God knows why. Please pray that the surgery goes well and pray for April's quick recovery. I am going to say a prayer also. "Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that YOU will guide the surgeon's hands this morning and bring a full and quick recovery to April following the surgery. May all her fears be gone and and may she know YOU are always with her and that YOU will never abandon nor forsake her. In Jesus Mighty Name I pray, Amen." Thank you all so much, and I will let April know that everyone is praying for her!


  1. Oh, I will definitely be praying!!!
    E was born with a small hole in her heart and it is a fairly common thing. We are pretty certain hers has closed bc the doctor no longer hears a heart murmur. Praise the Lord!
    We will definitely keep April and her family in our prayers!
    Let us know how things go.

  2. Thanks for your prayers, Carey. I had no idea this was fairly common until the doctors told April. She had surgery on Tuesday, and she got to come home yesterday. She had an allergic reaction to the dye they gave her, but other than that, everything went great! PTL! She is now at home and resting with her four kiddos!

  3. Oh, what joyful good news about your SIL !

    I have good news too..... you've won the Panini Maker Giveaway !

    You lucky girl !

    Email me your home address and I'll be sure Cymax ships to you directly.


    PS - You can add me to your favs now. :-)

  4. Hi Melissa, send me your address in a private email so I can get that panini maker to your doorstep.

  5. I hope she is recovering well!

  6. Hi - I too hope your SIL is recovering well.

    I just wanted to tell you the paint color in my master bath. It's Linen from Restoration Hardware. I had it color matched and mixed at Home Depot.