10 November, 2009

Fall Decor


I made this fall sign after admiring it on Jen’s blog. They are dollar frames from where else- the dollar store and scrapbook paper that I got on sale for 10 cents at Hobby Lobby. I printed out the letters in different fonts on the computer and voila- beautiful and inexpensive fall decor!


I already had the red candles so I hot glued some Thanksgivingy ribbon around them. For Christmas I will hot glue Christmassy ribbon around them- inexpensive fix!


Dollar store pumpkins again!


I did not decorate much for Fall because I always put out my Christmas decor it seems before Thanksgiving, and plus, I just don’t have a lot of fall decor since we are temporarily living in a townhouse. I have accumulated a lot of Christmas decor over the past few years so that is what I’ve been using. I got the big apothecary jar at TJ Maxx for $9.99. Can you imagine my squeal when I spotted it from afar and practically out ran a lady with two kids in her buggy! I was super duper excited! I just filled the jars with leaves, pumpkins and pine cones from the dollar store. For Christmas, I will be spray painting all the pine cones instead of paying $10.00 for 6 of them at Tar-jay. The cabinet door is from my grandparent’s first house they built back in the 1950’s. My grandpa throws nothing away, and he has a shop where he does his woodwork, so I went snooping around one evening and found a lot of cabinet doors and they came home with me! I have a chalkboard project to do with one of them which I will be posting later.


My .25 cent Goodwill jar find with a painted pumpkin and leaves. I bought a lot of orange pumpkins from the dollar store and painted them all!


Mercury glass. I am loving that look this year! I got this candlestick from Macy’s on the clearance table. It is by Martha Stewart and was $5.00! The regular price was $29.00 I believe. Here are some of the ones I wish I could afford from Ballard’s.

mercury glass 1




LOVE LOVE LOVE these, but my budget does not! Prices range from $29.00-$65.00! Ouch!



HAPPY FALL YA’LL! My Christmas boxes are making their way downstairs, so I will be posting pics of Christmas decor soon!

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