10 January, 2010

11 Weeks

Yep...you read it right! Wade and I are expecting!  We found out two days before Thanksgiving, and we had so much to be thankful for this past holiday season!  We are so excited and over the moon and cannot wait to become parents!  Besides our wedding day, that was the happiest day of our life!  I was a day late, which I have not been a day late in the past six months, and had been feeling a little dizzy the previous mornings.  Wade was busy with finals, so I did not want to bother him with any of this, so I took a test when I got home from work, and there it was...two pink lines!  The only thing I could do was stare at it, start crying, stare at it again, cry again.  It was the most amazing moment!  I was in shock and actually texted Wade a picture of the test with a message at the bottom saying "Hey, daddy!"  My phone does not take good pictures at all, so he called asking what the picture was, and I told him, and he was so excited!  He had been at the library studying all day, and I couldn't wait for him to get home and celebrate!   I wanted to wait until Christmas to tell everyone, but Wade could not wait.  We wrote a letter  to my parents and Wade's parents as if it were written from the baby.  We had everything planned out, and couldn't wait to go to Oak Grove the next day for Thanksgiving.   It was a great holiday and weekend that we spent with our family, and we cannot wait to welcome Baby House into this world!  I am due August 1 which is 2 days after the last day Wade takes the bar, so this will be a very busy summer for us!  Here is where I am in the pregnancy so far...

How far along? 11 weeks 2 days 

How big is Baby? 1.6 inches and the size of a lime
Total weight gain/loss: 1 pound but I actually lost 2 pounds in the beginning from the nausea
Maternity clothes?  not yet but I am loving the BeBand
Stretch marks? No, and I hope it stays that way!
Sleep:  off and on...I keep waking up to use the bathroom
Best moment this week:  Just enjoying reading all my new pregnancy books and how the baby is growing each week
Movement: too soon
Food cravings: I like bland foods like tomato soup, chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
Gender: Too soon to know, but it doesn't matter as long as it's healthy!
Labor Signs: none
Belly Button in or out?  in
What I am looking forward to:  hearing the baby's heartbeat on Tuesday!
Milestones: Baby House is now considered  a fetus!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting, I have to be honest I thought you were going to say it has been 11 weeks since your last post. Ha!
    So when is your official due date, will you find out what you are having?

  2. It seems like 11 weeks since I've posted! Ha! I am due August 1, and yes, I will be finding out what I'm having! There has been so much going on that I haven't had time to look at anyone's blogs, so I am going to have to catch up with your Christmas posts! One of my resolutions this year is to update the blog weekly so I can have it to share with the baby one day!

  3. Congrats on the new addition! Found y'all thru Carey's blog and excited to be able to keep up with Wade's family. Please tell him hi from me and my husband, Phil!

  4. Thanks Mrs. Shellie! Wade said hello also! :)

  5. You will be so thankful to have the blog to look back on as you go through the pregnancy & then once baby gets here! It's so easy to look things up too!
    SOOOO excited for yall! I pretty much did the same thing when I took the pregnancy test too! Never been so excited and scared at the same time :)

  6. So exciting!!!! :-) Congrats!!! Can't wait to hear what you're having... I thought boy when I was reading your post for some reason. {which probably means you'll have a girl since I'm usually opposite! hahaha!}

  7. Yay! I'm excited! So glad you'll be posting what it's like so Dusty and I will have an idea of what to look forward to... in about 2 years!!!

  8. Melissa,
    I am sooooo excited for you and Wade!! Praying you have a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy beautiful baby!!

  9. Congratulations! That is so exciting!! Praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy! Enjoy every minute because it goes so fast! I've loved every minute so far (even the throwing up every morning for the first 20 weeks.) :)