07 April, 2010

Week 23- last week

Oops…I just realized I forgot to post my 23rd week post last Friday!  We went to my hometown for Easter, and I got caught up visiting with everyone, and honestly just plain forgot! 

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:  23 weeks 5 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  4 pounds

Maternity Clothes:  I love my pants, but I am also loving dresses and skirts right now!

Best Moment this week:  Visiting with family for Easter and purchasing our travel system and crib! 

Gender:  It’s a boy!  Maddox Wade!

Movement: yes, and it is amazing! I think he is doing flips  in there!  He is very active after I’ve been on my feet a while and then decide to sit down…he thinks it’s time to play then!   Wade loves to play music for him because my whole belly will start shaking from him “dancing”.  :)

Food Craving:  pasta, fruit

What I miss: cold turkey sandwiches and sleeping on my stomach!

Sleep: Wish I could get more of it!   I am constantly waking up and catching myself sleeping on my back or going to potty!

What I am looking forward to:   my doctor’s appt on the 27th

Belly Button:  it’s about to pop!

Symptoms: round ligament pain and cramps in both legs! ugh!


This is the crib we (well, my mom and dad) bought for Maddox, and I LOVE it!  I would not have picked it out for a girl, but it is perfect for a little boy!

stroller set

My aunt got us this travel system.  Wade and I have been so blessed and have received so many wonderful gifts for Maddox.

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