12 June, 2010

33 Weeks and Doctor’s Appointment

Yesterday I had my 33 week doctor’s appointment, and everything looked great.   I have been having contractions for the last week or so, but my doctor didn’t want to check me for fear she might jumpstart something.  Maddox is in the head-down position which makes me so giddy because I know the end is near.  Even though people are telling me this will be the longest 7 weeks of my life!  

My doctor, Dr. B, is 12 days away from her due date, and she starts her maternity leave on Monday.  She set me up to start seeing her personal doctor for the next few weeks.  Dr. B assures me that even though she will not be seeing patients in the clinic around my due date, she WILL deliver Maddox.  I was so relieved because I wasn’t too keen on the idea of someone other than her delivering my baby.   Dr. B hopes I can make it until July 20 which is when she actually returns from maternity leave.  Wade and I still think he will be born sometime around July 17. 

There are so many things I have to get done before Maddox gets here.  We set the pack and play up which is going to be his bed for the few weeks we are still in Baton Rouge after he is born.  It didn’t make sense to set up a crib only to take it down a few weeks later to move 4 hours away.  I still have not washed his clothes or any blankets.  We still have to set the swing up and put the bouncer together.  I have to sterilize bottles which I won’t do for a few more weeks, but I get overwhelmed when I think of what all still has to be done.  My last day of work is July 9, so I am going to use that time to get everything ready for my little monkey. 

33 weeks (2)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:  33 weeks 1 day

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  14 lbs.

Maternity Clothes:  LOVE them!

Best Moment this week:  seeing Maddox at our 4d ultrasound.  He has chubby cheeks and plump lips!  I can’t wait to kiss them both!

Gender:  It’s a boy!  Maddox Wade!

Movement: yes, and it is amazing!   He moves about 12-15 hours a day.  I love knowing he is doing great inside of me. 

Food Craving:  apple juice, chocolate milk, starburst

What I miss: cold turkey sandwiches and sleeping on my stomach!

Sleep:  not even in my vocabulary!  Whether it is going to the bathroom, waking up on my back or hip pain, I don’t even know the meaning of it anymore!  I don’t mind because in 54 days or less I will meet my little man!  He has been on a nerve lately because I can get off the couch to get something to drink, and I can’t walk and my entire left side is tingling. 

What I am looking forward to:   getting all of Maddox’s clothes and blankets washed and his baby gear put together.  I can’t believe he will be here in less than 7 weeks!

Belly Button:   I can actually see it peeking through my shirts now.

Symptoms:   I have started getting nauseous in the mornings again (not sure what’s up with that?).  BH contractions- I couldn’t walk because they were so uncomfortable, but they were irregular so my doctor wasn’t worried.


  1. you are so cute with that belly and your going to be an amazing mom, as Wade will be a great loving father!! I'm so excited for you!!! Good Luck and I can't wait too see pics either!!

  2. You look adorable!! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well, he will be here before you know it.