19 February, 2011

Happy 6 Months...a little late!

Maddox, you are 6 Months Old!  Well, you were on the day I wrote this (one month ago), but I forgot to publish it!  Oops...I am such a bad mommy, I know!  Actually, you will be 7 months old on Monday, so at least I am posting it before then!  

Where to begin?  You have changed so much over the past month.  This is such a fun age!  You started sitting up on January 5, and that is all you want to do.  You do not play on your play mat anymore, nor do you like me changing your diaper.  You strain so hard to pick your head and body up when I lay you on your back.   

You still drink five 6 oz. bottles a day with oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch and a fruit/veggie for supper.  You love to eat!  I think you have your mama's appetite! 

You still love bathtime, and you cry when we take you out.

You wear 3-6 months clothes and 6 months pants, but those seem to be getting too short.  You have really long legs.  You definitely do not get that from me! :)  You also wear a size 3 diaper and size 4 at night.

I am not sure how much you weigh, but we go to the doctor in a few days, so I am sure you have gained a few pounds since your last visit.  I know you are one chunky monkey, and I just love your rolls! :)

You love Mickey Mouse!  If we turn it on and you are not looking at the tv
, you will keep wiggling until you finally spot the TV because you love the theme song!  Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog...  Gah, I cannot tell you how many times a day mommy and daddy sing that song.  We wish we can get it out of our heads, but that is just about all we watch on tv!

You are one drooling machine!  I wish you would cut a tooth because some days you just want to naw my finger off!  Everything goes in your mouth even your cute little feet!

You love to sit in the floor and play with your toys while watching Baby Einstein.  I think you could do this all day.  One of your favorite things is your Raz-Berry teether.  You LOVE this thing!

You are not napping as much as you used do, mainly due to the teething issue again.  You will doze off and then wake up crying until I put Orajel on your gums, and then off to sleep again you go.  You have starting going to bed around 9 or 9:30 and up at 4:00 for a bottle, with a few times waking up wanting your paci.  I am starting to feel like I have a newborn again! 

We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of three, and it was everything I imagined it would be!  We had so much fun watching you "open" presents!  Well, actually just playing with the tissue paper! 

Maddox, you are such a joy in our lives, and we cannot imagine the past 6 months without you!  We love you so much, little buddy!


  1. aww - 6 months is such a fun age. my baby just turned 2 yesterday. enjoy your little one!

  2. Awww! Not sure how it can be but he keeps getting cuter as the months pass! Sure looks happy and healthy, the way mama's like! :-)

  3. Oh My Mellisa he is getting to big, looks like he isnt staying a baby long. He is precious and I just want to hug him. Def a cutie!