16 May, 2011


Wowzer!  Maddox, you are 9 months old (well, a month ago...you will be 10 months old in 5 days!!!).  I am almost in tears as I am typing this!  What have you been up to this past month? 

First of all, you have 3 teeth!  Yay!  You cut three teeth within a 3 week span.  You cut your first tooth on March 30, and they have been coming in like crazy since!  You have two on the bottom and one on top.  It is not your top front tooth, but a side tooth.  Weird, I know!  For a while there, we were concerned that it was your front tooth, and that you would have a HUGE gap, but you are now about to cut your front tooth.  What a huge relief!  ;)

You have been pulling up and crawling since a few days after you turned 8 months old.  It is just a matter of time before you start walking, and then the real fun begins!  Haha!  Since you started crawling, you are into everything, and we cannot keep up with you.  You are one fast little boy!  You love playing with newspapers, pots and pans, measuring spoons and spatulas.  In fact, you LOVE spatulas! 

You went to the doctor on April 1, and it was determined you had an oral yeast infection which was caused by the month-long dosage of antibiotics you were on for your ear infections.  It was awful!  You did not want your bottle or even baby food.  You were treated for that, and now you are 100% better.  It is wonderful to see you playing and laughing again!   You weighed 20 lbs. 8 oz and 28" long.  You only gained an ounce in a month, but that is because you started crawling.  You are one healthy little boy!

You are really attached to me, which I love!  I love that you always want your momma, but sometimes it is frustrating when I need to do laundry or cook.  You don't like being in your highchair or with anyone.  You want me!  I think someone is a momma's boy!  ;)

You sleep with us every night now.  I always said I would never start that, but after your second ear infection, you will not sleep in your bed any longer.  You love to cuddle with your daddy in the bed, and it is so sweet.  No matter where you start off in the bed, you always end up next to him.  I think we will be getting a king size bed pretty soon!  This queen is not working anymore! ;)

On a sad note, we are moving in a week or so, and you have to start daycare! :(   Your Meme (my mom) has been watching you since I started back working, and I think she will handle this new daycare situation worse than you.  Haha!  She loves her some Maddox!

Happy 9 months, my sweet angel!  We love you to the moon and back!

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