03 May, 2011


 I cannot believe I keep forgetting to publish Maddox's monthly posts!  I type them ahead of time with the intention of going back to edit them, but I always forget!  I guess better late than ever, even though he will be 10 months old!

My dear sweet Maddox, you turned 8 months on March 21!  You are such a sweetheart!  Within the past month you have realized who your mommy and daddy are, and it melts my heart!  You started crawling a few weeks ago, and we cannot keep up with you!  You are into everything.  I cannot believe you are old enough to crawl. 

I started back to work on March 7 after staying at home with you for 7 1/2 months.  I will forever cherish those months being at home but with you, and it broke my heart to go back to work.  I know it is best for our family that I work, but Maddox, I sure miss cuddling with you during the mornings and at naptime! 

I celebrated my first birthday as a mommy this month, and it was the best birthday I've ever had!  I never imagined I would celebrate my 26th birthday as a mom!  I am so blessed to have you as my son!  You went to your first wedding (reception) this month in honor of Joey and Lexi, and from what I hear, you were a perfect angel!  Your daddy took me out to eat for my birthday, so you went with Nana to the reception.

You have been really fussy lately, I think it is due to teething.  Still no teeth yet.  You had two ear infections the past month, and you have just felt awful.  You were on antibiotics for almost a month, and I think you are starting to feel better other than teething.

Happy 8 months my love!  We love you little buddy! 

Your 8 month pictures are on your daddy's computer at work, so I will post more when I can.

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  1. Every month he just gets more and more handsome! Even if you are a couple most "late" in posting, I still enjoy reading all that he's been up to! Hope transitioning has gone well with you back at work too.