24 February, 2010


I don’t know how the time has been getting away from me, but it seems just yesterday I was posting my 16th week, and I am now almost 18 weeks!  Originally, we were supposed to find out on March 9 what we were having, but due to some scheduling conflicts with a trial I have going on at work, I had to change my appointment and luckily, they could fit me in a week earlier!  We will find out next Wednesday, March 3 what we are having, and I am so excited I can barely sleep just thinking that next week I can start buying pink or blue!  My good friends, Drew and Mandy, just found out they are having twin girls, and I am so excited for them!  Maybe we’ll have a boy so that way one of the girls will have a prom date for sure! ;)  Wade tells me for our bank account’s sake, we need to have a boy! Ha! Here are a few pics that my dear husband took tonight.  I really don’t think I look this big, but I guess certain clothes make me look like I am 8 months pregnant!  I am anxious to see how much weight I’ve gained since 3 weeks ago, I still have yet to gain a pound!  Sorry for the tired and no make up look, but it was a rough day at work, and I am very very sleepy!



I will be back for my 18th week post in a few days! :)  


  1. You look great, definitely have the pregnancy glow! Have you done the pencil test yet?

  2. Thank you! I did it a few nights ago and it said boy! We will see next week!

  3. Aw look how cute you are! I can't believe you are already showing that much! Wade needs a little turkey hunter so it'll be ok if you have a boy!

  4. You look so cute. I haven't gained any weight yet either. I am sure I will start packing it on soon! I didn't even think about our babies cooperating during the sonogram! I will stay until they can tell me what it is!

  5. How sweet are you! Can't wait to see what you are having too! Very exciting that you get to find out early!!!! :)