14 February, 2010

Week 16

I think this past week has been my best week so far!  All of a sudden I had a burst of energy and began cooking and cleaning again!  Poor Wade had gotten used to eating sandwiches and fast food for supper! :)  My doctor's appointment went great.  I still have not gained a pound, but she said I may gain only 15 pounds the entire time!  She said every woman gains weight differently, and I am one of the lucky ones, and this should not affect the baby.  She did tell me to try and eat more which I don't have a problem with since I have my appetite back.  I have been cramping lately, so to be on the safe side, I had a cervical ultrasound which came back fine.  My doctor wanted to make sure I wasn't contracting or anything.  I tried to convince the ultrasound tech to take a peek and let us know the gender, but there were like 6 ladies ahead of me, and they were backed up.  I was a little upset but we will find out on March 9, and I cannot wait!  It will be so exciting to finally start calling the baby by his/her name and to start shopping!!!  

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 16 weeks 2 days
Total Weight Gain/Loss: still zero
Maternity Clothes: I have a few pairs of jeans and they are sooo comfortable! 
Best Moment this week:  scheduling our ultrasound for March 9 to find out the sex!
Gender: we will find out soon!
Movement: not yet
Food Craving: peanut butter and fruit
What I miss: cold turkey sandwiches and sleeping on my stomach!
Sleep: Wish I could get more of it!  These potty breaks are killing me! ;)
What I am looking forward to: March 9!
Belly Button: In, and I hope it stays that way! 
Symptoms: None


  1. Melissa, So glad that you are feeling great! Just a few weeks til that March 9th ultrasound...so exciting!
    I saw your baby links on the sidebar and I wanted to tell you about www.babycenter.com
    I love this site and it has really given me alot of good research based info.
    And I am a big fan of Baby Wise!!! Definitely a must read!
    Hope you keep feeling good :)

  2. Melissa---that tech should be ashamed of herself---making you wait! It wouldn't have taken her two seconds to tell you what it is!! And believe me the evidence of boy/girl is already there, lol! Glad you are feeling better and love your post!

  3. Glad to hear that everything is going well and that you are feeling so good!
    Once you find out the gender are you also going to share the name? That is what we did told the gender and name, I hate the whole guessing game that people like to play. My sister in law is 32 weeks along and they didn't find out the sex but I am 90% sure it is a boy.
    Hey you should do the pencil and needle test before you go to the doctor and see if what it tells you before hand and what the ultra sound tech say are the same. I have done it on everyone that I know, including muyself, that has kids or is pregnant and it is right EVERYTIME!
    Here is the site to tell you how to do it:
    http://www.pregnancy-info.net/forums/Labor_Questions/pencil_test/ scroll down and read what Cathy had to say from 6/8/04. Give it a try and let me know what it says I would love to hear!!!