14 July, 2010

Doctor’s Appointment

Today I had my 38 week doctor’s appointment which did not go as I expected.  My blood pressure was high and there was protein in my urine, and along with the 3 pounds I gained in a week, my doctor said it looks as if I have preeclampsia.   This past Monday I was sick the entire day- horrible headache and dizziness accompanied with nausea.  Dr. P was very concerned and sent me down to get some lab work done and pee in a cup again- which I did not mind because Maddox is on my bladder and I usually potty every 30 minutes. 

Dr. P told me that if the tests came back abnormal they would A.) put me in the hospital for 24 hours and monitor my blood pressure, etc. or B.) have me pee in the infamous jug for 24 hours then bring it in for them to test.  I would also have to keep the urine cool which grosses me out because there is no way I am placing a jug of urine in my fridge.  Yuck!  If my levels were still high, they would talk about inducing.  Around 6pm the doctor’s office called and said my lab work came back normal but there was still protein in my urine just not as high as before.   So, no baby this week. :(  They are going to keep monitoring my blood pressure for now.

I am still not dilated at all!  I am so frustrated.  I cannot walk sometimes because of the pressure down there, and it is not comfortable at all.  I asked if I could walk, walk, walk and she said no, no, no because of the swelling in my legs and my blood pressure.  If Maddox doesn’t arrive early, I pray he arrives late!  Wade takes the BAR exam the week I am due, and I will freak out if I go into labor at home and am by myself.  I know the Good Lord is watching out for us, and we just want Maddox to be a healthy baby.  Oh, and I am pretty sure I lost my mucus plug tonight, so I hope our meeting isn’t too far away. :)

Here are a few pics Wade took after we got home from the doctor.  Please excuse the way I look…


I look HUGE from this angle.

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  1. I hope you get to meet him soon!!! Sounds like it's right around the corner! :)

  2. Wow! I love the baby belly!!!! :-) Praying baby cooperates and does not interfere with Wade taking the BAR exam! It's getting there!