29 September, 2010

Splish Splash

Maddox loves to take a bath even though he only gets to 2-3 times a week.  I am not a horrible mom because I rarely bathe my child, right??  He doesn’t go outside, play in the dirt, or even get into anything that would remotely make him “dirty” other than those massive blow-outs in his diaper! Ha!  I do wash him off when he has those, but generally, he only gets 2-3 baths a week.  He just learned he can kick his leg or pump his fist and the water will splash.  He laughs so loud that it melts my heart!  I am still trying to capture that moment on camera.  I just love this little guy so much that I find myself taking pictures of him ALL.DAY.LONG.  I can’t help it.  I don’t want to forget anything he does.  And these days, I definitely have my camera with me full time because he is just about to roll over!  I know.  My baby is getting so big! 

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  :)




1 comment:

  1. Omg Melissa he is growing, he looks so handsome. My kids call me paparazzi bc I always take lots of picture but they love to look back at them so well worth it! How is Casey? Tell her she needs a blogspot!