13 September, 2010

Weekend Recap

Where did the weekend go?  We did not have a busy weekend planned, but it sure went by fast.  On Friday night, we grilled steaks at my in-laws so they could get in some play time with Maddox.  Wade was cleaning out his old bedroom there and found a lot of stuff from when we first started dating in ‘01.  We had so much fun looking at pictures of us from way back when.  We laughed at our goofy hair dos and what we were wearing.  I can’t believe Wade and I have been together almost 10 years!  He is definitely my best friend and my soul mate.  I left my camera at home, so, no pics.

Saturday, I went shopping with my sister who is expecting a little boy in December.  I can’t wait for Jackson to get here…she is going to be a great mom!  We went to Antique Alley and shopped all afternoon.  Well, I just browsed…I walked away empty handed…a first for me! My hubby was proud!   Once again, I left my camera.  So, no pics.

On Sunday, we went to my aunt’s camp and celebrated my cousin, Sloan, and her husband’s birthday.  Her birthday is today and she is 24!  Happy Birthday!  Can you believe that I actually remembered to bring my camera?!  I have TONS of pics from Sunday!  Here are a few…

DSC_0834Omar & Sloan- Guests of Honor :) DSC_0837Mom & AddyDSC_0850Sweet Kisses :)DSC_0854

DSC_0857    Me & baby sister, KaylaDSC_0863 Maddox loves his Mimi and Kay Kay!DSC_0880 Love this onesie!DSC_0887Maddox’s swirl…just like his daddyDSC_0900Mimi, Pappy & MaddoxDSC_0901So sweet!DSC_0902MimiDSC_0904Mommy & MaddoxDSC_0918Sloan & Connor (with an icing mustache) DSC_0930Playtime with Kay Kay and Pappy DSC_0929 Playtime over!  haha

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  1. He is so precious Melissa, I saw Casey the other day and she was showing me pics of him. I know he has his Mommies heart bc that is what little boys are for. Cant wait for Casey to have hers too. I love seeing all ur pics!