30 March, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

Today was my monthly doctor's appointment, and we got to see Maddox again!  We had another ultrasound today to make sure everything was okay with his heart because the radiologist did not get good enough pictures the first time.  My doctor confirmed everything looks good with Maddox, and he is right on track!  Weight wise, he is measuring 4 days ahead, and he already weighs a whopping 1 1/2 pounds!  He is such an active baby...he kicked, punched, somersaulted and danced for about 30 minutes last night!  We danced to I Pray for You last night, and it was so funny watching my stomach move!  I love getting to feel him every night, and I am so glad Wade has been feeling him kick for the past three weeks!  

It still took the radiologist about ten minutes to get the right views of his heart because he would not stop moving!  She kept saying, "baby, will you please be still for me?".   She finally got the pictures she needed, and I was so glad because the harder she pressed on my stomach, the harder he would kick me!  He is lying very low and right on my bladder...thus the reason for my 3-5 bathroom visits a night.  I am having round ligament pain and bought a snoogle a while ago, but stopped using it, but I think I am going to start using it again tonight.  I've been waking up just about every night with either cramps in my legs or sharp pains in my hips.  Oh well, I don't mind because I LOVE being pregnant! 

I have gained a whopping 4 pounds so far during my pregnancy!  I really thought I have gained about 10 pounds since my last visit, as my belly is the size of a basketball!  I will have to post some belly shots soon!   I have to do the glucose test on April 27 so please pray for me!   Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Hey Melissa! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and congrats on being preggers :D Maddox is a beautiful name :D I will say a prayer for you regarding your glucose test, I am sure you will pass with flying colors. Oh and I hear about the getting up to tinkle 3-5 times a night. Noah is really low so I get up alot too, I guess our little guys are preparing us for when they arrive..hehe God bless!!!

  2. BTW I love your background! I have to go and check out these templates out!! I need to refresh my blog..hehe

  3. Glad everything checked out well! Just wanted to say that lots of people talk about how horribly tasting the glucose test is, but it really wasn't bad at all! Just a sugary orange soda really! I'm sure you will do great, but of course, I'll prayer too :)
    Can't wait to meet your little guy!

  4. Sugar test is not that bad. Really the worst part is not being able to drink or eat before hand. Just chug the stuff and you'll be fine. Best of luck to you!

  5. Thanks girls! I was really worried about the test, but you made my fears go away!