03 March, 2010


We had our ultrasound today, and can you believe I waited almost 45 minutes?  The anticipation was killing me!  We went to the exam room, and the tech started on the anatomy scan.  She asked if we had any names picked out, and we told her Addison for a girl and Maddox for a boy.  She started trying to get a glimpse of what was in between the legs, but couldn't for a while because the baby was playing with the cord.  It was so funny because the baby looked like he was swinging off a vine like George of the Jungle!  Ha!  Then, we saw the baby's hand swat the cord out of the way, and then we saw it...clear as day it is a BOY! 

Wade is so proud to be having a son, and he hasn't stopped smiling all day!  After our doctor's appointment, we went to Babies R Us, and Wade picked out the cutest little golf outfit- a pair of plaid shorts and a white polo shirt with a golf club on it!  As soon as we saw the profile of his face, we knew he didn't look like a "Maddox".  So back to the notepad to find a name for our lil Monkey (my new nickname for him).  Hopefully, we will have a name by Friday when we head back to our hometown because I am going shopping with my mom and sisters, and I will HAVE to buy something monogrammed! :)


  1. Yay!!! How exciting! So glad everything went smoothly & you have a healthy lil guy! Good luck with the name too :)

  2. Congratulations!! We had to wait forever before our sonogram too and I was going crazy! I can't wait to hear what name you settle on. I do like Maddox though.

  3. That is great news, see the pencil test is never wrong.
    Let's see for us if we would have had a boy when I was pregnant with Claire we were going to name him Jackson. When I was pregnant with Paige if it would have been a boy he would have been William and we would have called him Will or Connor. Good luck on the names and have fun registering for everything! :)