02 March, 2010

Pink or Blue?

Tomorrow at 1:45 p.m. we will find out what our little angel is!  We are so excited, but I actually had to convince Wade we should find out the sex!  He wanted it to be a surprise, but I am a planner by nature, so this was totally out of the question!  Doesn't he know I have to get things monogrammed?!   I have to plan how I will decorate the nursery.  And did I mention I have to get things monogrammed?!!!  

After the ultrasound/anatomy scan, we have a doctor's appointment so we can discuss the scan to make sure everything is okay.  I can't wait to see my little peanut tomorrow!  I will post tomorrow night after we get home...dear hubby is taking me shopping after our appointment!  I can't wait to buy PINK or BLUE!!!

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