05 November, 2010

Halloween Recap

 What a fun and busy weekend!  It was Maddox's first Halloween.  When I found out I was pregnant, I bought a lot of Halloween footed pjs, but since the lows were in the 60s/70s during the entire month of October, he only got to wear it one night.  Today, the high is in the 50s, and we are expecting a frost tomorrow morning.  Oh how I love cold weather! 

On Saturday my cousin had a Halloween Carnival at their house for all the kiddos.  They had Picking Up Ducks, Jumpers, Cake Walk, Hay Ride and a Haunted House.  This is one momma who does not do scary!  I am scared of the dark.  Yes, I just admitted that.  If I have to go outside during the night, my sweet hubby watches me! ;)  I don't watch scary movies either.  I used to watch them with my sisters and cousins when I was younger, but then I would have to sleep with the light on for a few nights!  Crazy, I know.

We went to the Fall Festival at our church on Sunday night, and my little monkey was a Pirate.  Most of the costumes were too big for him, and the pirate costume fit him perfectly! When we got home from church, Wade fed Maddox, and he fell asleep half way with drool coming out of his mouth.  Halloween wore him out!  Look at the third picture from the top (1st collage)...he cracks me up!


  1. Girl I'm scared of the dark too! I have to come out of the woods at prime hunting time because I'm scared to walk out when its really dark!

    That little man is so cute!

  2. Beautiful family!! Great picture collages! I am still new to digital scrapping..how do you make the templates, or do you just find them on the web?!

  3. What a great photo collage! I have tried Picnik and am now hooked! Looks like y'all had a terrific time. Maddox is adorable (as always)!

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