08 November, 2010

Menu Monday: 11/8

 I have been seeing Menu Mondays on a lot of blogs lately, so I figured this is a great way to plan out my meals for the week.  It has really come in handy because I make a list beforehand, and I only buy what is on the list.  This cut out probably $40 worth of items junk food I do not need.  Plus, with me working 2 days a week now, I feel like I don't have to stress during the week on what to cook for dinner.  I plan everything on Saturday and grocery shop Sunday, usually after church.  I can't wait to try a few of these recipes!  Oh, and I am planning on eating leftovers which is the reason I don't have 5 meals planned this week!

1.  Chicken and Red Potatoes - Taste of Home
3.  Green Bean Bundles- Kelly's Recipes  (these are soooo good!)
4.  Cheesy Garlic Bread- Simple Recipes
5.  Parmesan Chicken Strips- make this up as I go
6.  Sweet Potato Fries- Paula Deen (I love her!)
7.  Sopapilla Cheesecake- Allrecipes  **you will thank me for this**


  1. I LOOOOVVVEE green bean bundles! Let me know what night you cook those =)

  2. You have a cute blog! I love it! AND an adorable baby! All those recipes sounds so yummy! Just saying hello! :)

  3. Yum! i just printed the chicken and red potatoes. That one looks delicious!

  4. Oh yum! My husband would love the sweet potato fries, so I'll have to try those!

  5. I love love love green bean bundles. They have to be one of the easiest things to cook but they taste out of this world delicious! Truly a southern thing though!

  6. Menu Mondays are such a good idea...I may join in one of these weeks. Your menu looks yummy!